Star Firearms : Spanish Firearms Terms Glossary

Information — Parts, spares, technical details

Basically, this is all the stuff that doesn't fit in another section. Most of all, while the rest of the site is more of a reference work, this is about actually owning and using a Star firearm. Not entirely, but mostly. Because of this vague definition, expect things to move in and out of this section.

Although everything on this site is in english, much other information is available. You might only be able to find a Spanish-language manual for your gun, for example. My thanks to Alberto Cooper for the accent translation especially. If you have any more to add, just email them to me.

Glossary of Common Spanish Firearms-Related Terms:

Spanish Term English Translation
Acción doble Double action
Acción simple Single action
Aguja percutora,
Firing pin
Alza Rear sight
Ametralladora Machinegun
Aínima Barrel/bore
Arma Corta Handgun
Arma de fuego Gun/firearm
Armazón (Pistol) frame
Avancarga Muzzleloading
Bala, Proyectil Bullet
Bípode Bipod
Boca de fuego Muzzle
Bocacha apagallamas Flash hider
Caja, Culata Stock
Cajón de los Mecanismos Receiver, action
Cantonera Butt plate
Cañón Barrel
Carabina Carbine
Cargador de petaca Box magazine
Cargador de reserva Spare magazine
Cargador Magazine
Carrillera Cheeckpiece
Cartucho Cartridge, round, shot
Cierre, Cerrojo Bolt
Correa portafusil Sling
Corredera Slide (pistol)
Culata sintètica Synthetic stock
Dióptero Aperture sight
Disparador, Gatillo Trigger
Energ╠a Energy
Escopeta Shotgun
Fiabilidad Reliability
Fiador Sear
Fogonazo Muzzle flash
Fusil de asalto Assault rifle
Fusil Rifle (military)
Goma antideslizante Non-slip rubber
Guardamanos handguard
Guardamonte Trigger guard
Guión Front sight
Martillo hammer
Mecanismo Action
Mosquetón Short rifle
Munición Ammunition
Pistola Pistol
Pistolete Pistol grip
Pistón Primer
Precisión Accuracy, precision
Rebufo Muzzle blast
Recâmara Chamber
Recarga Reloading
Reelevación Muzzle flip
Retroceso Recoil
Revólver Revolver
Rifle de Cerrojo Bolt action rifle
Rifle de Palanca Lever-action rifle
Rifle Express Double rifle
Rifle Semiautomâtico Semiautomatic rifle
Seguro safety
Subfusil Submachinegun
Tambor Cylinder (revolver)
Tetón de cierre Bolt lug
Vaina Cartridge case
Velocidad inicial Muzzle velocity
Visor (óptico) Telescope
Visor de punto rojo Red-dot sight

Technical References

Nancy McCombs, a forensics specialist with the California State Department of Justice in Fresno has made available to us her paper The Star Report: Observation of a Second Firing Pin Impression. Aside from being techically interesting, I am quoted as a reference!

The document may be downloaded in its origial Word format here.

ABSTRACT: An unusual impression was observed on cartridge cases fired from an ill-fated 9mm Star pistol. The impression, located above the firing pin drag mark, was identified as a second firing pin impression. Initially this occurrence was thought to be unique to this pistol. However, a second firing pin impression was observed on cartridge cases fired from various models and calibers of Star pistols.