Star Firearms : Astar

ASTAR — The new company

After Star went out of business, a series of reorganizations occured. Eventually, a company began making guns again under the ASTAR name. The name (Astra/Star = ASTAR) implies this is the combined company. Astra went out of business in a similar timeframe to Star. Also, there is this [translated] line from an ad on the launch of the MAX 8800:

The disappearance of Astra and Star has generated a new company called ASTAR in which are fused experiences, concepts and designs. One of its accomplishments is the ASTAR MAX 8800, suitable as service pistol and general use.

The company name and contact information, as far as I know, is:

Agrupacion Social Trabajadores Armeros, S.A.L. (ASTAR)
Barrio Boroa, 19

Tel: 946 731 147
Tel: 344 673 1147
Fax: 344 673 1147

I have also seen the address written in this manner:
Kortederra, 19/245, Amorebieta, 48340

If anyone has any info at all on this new company or their products, please email it to me. Much of the information on this page, as well as the translation, was provided by Alberto Cooper in Spain. Thanks again, Alberto!


I have only spotty and irregular information on the weapons made by ASTAR now or in the past. What I know is listed here:

  • A .25 ACP (6.35 mm) caliber pocket pistol of some sort.
  • The ASTAR MAX 8800. This is identical to the Star Model 316. Exactly one was produced under the ASTAR name. If you want to buy it, I can put you in touch with the current owners.
  • The 1911PL. This is a complete clone of the Colt 1911, not of the colt-like classic Stars. They seem to only be in .45 ACP, and have a plastic frame with a 12-shot capacity. I presume the frame is the BUL or another existing product they are simply using to assemble a gun as their own. These guns have been offered for sale in the Czech Republic, and presumably in Spain and other places as well, but not the US. It may be a line of pistols, but the only one I have seen is customized for competition.
  • Shotguns, as listed in the corporate directory, but I have never seen any.
  • A .45-70 caliber double rifle, with color case hardening and nice wood.