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Star Firearms — Model 316

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The Star Model 316 was a development program at the end of the Star company history. The one production model 316 is in the Eibar firearms museum as the last Star of any sort ever made.

This program eventually became the ASTAR MAX 8800 pistol. I am aware of exactly one production-level pistol made under the ASTAR name. That pistol is pictured here.

The 316 is clearly a derivation of the Megastar, intended for concealed and defensive use. It is mechanically almost identical to the Megastar, sharing details of the barrel, lockup, trigger module, slide, extractor and magazine. Due to the smaller scale, a number of the features look more like they are directly derived from the M31; it is even possible the rear sights and safety level are actual M31 parts.

The rear sight is conventionally dovetailed in, and there is a firing pin stop plate, unlike on the Megastar slide. The stocks wrap around the rear, and comprise very thin panels on the side, similar to those on the Firestar Plus, although retention is via wedging of the backstrap, as on the M28/30/31 series. The frame is of alloy, resulting in a significant reduction in weight.

The separate stripping pin and slide lock of the Megastar have been replaced with a single, short lever and pin with integral detents. This part is also reminiscent of the Firestars.


As this is a rare model, and no additional details are generally available thru other sources, I include here the complete specifications as I am aware of them:

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm Parabellum
  • Magazine capacity: 13 + 1 cartridges, double row magazine
  • Dimensions: 175 x 125 x 32 mm (6.89 x 4.92 x 1.26")
  • Barrel Length: 88 mm (3.46")
  • Rifling: 6 grooves RH, 1:251 millimeters (9.88")
  • Sight radius: 136 mm (5.35")
  • Weight: 750 g (26.45 oz)
  • Trigger system: Conventional double/single action with rounded hammer
  • Trigger pull: 5 Kg (50N) double action, 2 Kg (20N) single action
  • Trigger travel: 12.5 mm (0.49") double action, 5.9 mm (0.23") single action
  • Locking: Browning-style short recoil, closed cam path, locked by rings in top of barrel
  • Sights: Rear sight adjustable for windage, fixed front; three white dots
  • Safety: Slide-mounted safety lever, with decocking and automatic return to safe; automatic firing pin drop safety
  • Material and finish: Slide and barrel in steel, light alloy frame, electrolytic-nickel finish, textured polymer grips
  • Special features: Reversible magazine release; modular, removable trigger assembly set; trigger overtravel stop; grips retained by backstrap, without screws
  • Retail price in Spain: 135.000 pesetas

Manuals & Disassembly Instructions

I do not have manuals for every pistol shown on this site. However, in many cases there is a related manual. Partly to make the series relationships clearer, and partly to assist with speed and accuracy of updating, all manuals can be found in one place, the manuals page. All manuals available are provided as downloadable PDFs, or you may purchase a printed copy of the entire set of handgun manuals.

There is no manual for the Model 316. Probably never has been. It is very similar to a Megastar.

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